Kick start intro course yoga


In four weeks you gain a clear overview of all the important asana’s in Vijnana Yoga. Sanne Kerkhof also brings your attention to the principles of alignment, beneficial for yoga practice and in daily life.
A course for newcomers and for people who are doing yoga for some time and could use some more insights.

Come to this course to feel more confident with yoga practice. You can get to know them with extra help from the teacher and personal attention.
The classes are small (maximum 15 participants).

The course

This course exists of a block of four weeks. During the classes we will cover several aspects of yoga. We will practice technique and alignment of the most common asanas (yoga poses), the sun salutations, pranayama (breathing exercises) and bandhas. There will also be space for discussion about yoga philosophy. After this course you will have a good understanding about the basics of yoga.

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Sanne Kerkhof

What students say:

I enrolled in the Kick start to yoga course and liked it so much that I took it again! Being a non-Dutch speaker, I was hesitant to enroll in any classes, but when I inquired with Samana, they said it was no problem. My instructor, Lies, was so incredibly sweet and patient with all of the newcomers. She made me feel very welcome and was just a pleasure to be around. Our class had no more than 9 people in it, so it was intimate but you still felt safe to ask questions or provide feedback. Over all, I’m SUPER glad that I enrolled in the courses. It made me really appreciate yoga and want to do more!