Restorative Yoga classes

restorative02Restorative yoga


Restorative Yoga reduces stress and improves health by rebuilding postural strength and stamina. It helps correcting imbalances caused by daily life stress or major life events.

In this class you learn techniques to restore & renew:


  • Conscious relaxation
  • Observing habits and imbalances
  • Breathing exercises
  • Holding yoga poses for a longer time in a easy way

During longer asana poses the body can unwind and release within each pose.
Sanne will help you find the best way into each pose by using props and hands-on adjustments so you can fully experience and relax in each pose. The staying and breathing in the Asana’s cultivates the calm necessary for mental and physical stamina.

The postures during this class help revitalise and recover your body from injuries, back problems, or after giving birth. Therapeutic Yoga can also be helpful after illness or burn out.

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