Therapeutic Tensegrity

restorative_tensegrityTherapeutic Tensegrity


Tensegrity is composed of tension and integrity. The practice of tensegrity is based on an optimal use of muscles and bones. It refers to stable systems with a balance between compactness and elongation. It trains the more subtle muscles and teaches you how to rely on your bones as support in your asana’s.

The Tensegrity Repair class is an asset for all yoga practitioners of all levels.
If you have injuries this class can help you repair them.

We tend to use mostly our bigger, stronger muscles. But deep down in your body, closer to the spine, you have many smaller muscles that bring, when use, a very light and natural strength to your body. It makes movement come from within, from your core. Asana’s take less energy and you are more stable because you can rely on these subtle core muscles, not just on the strength of the bigger muscles.

On top of it Tensegrity teaches you the power of your bones and joints. These give you support and stability without effort if alignment is right.

Gioia Irwin developed a series of practices to train the deeper muscles in combination with bone support and hydrating the joins to promote flexibility and alignment.

Eveline and Marta made their own lessons Restorative Tensegrity.

Tensegrity classes start with meditation, vayus and pranayama. Then we do a series of practices lying down. You feel the healthy way to move, without the pull of gravity. Later you can apply these movements in all yoga postures.

Come and discover the yoga with tensegrity!