Eveline_torresYoga for advanced practitioners

Are you a yoga teacher or are you interested in enriching your yoga practice? Samana Yoga Center is the right place for you!

A diverse range of activities

Samana Yoga Center has a diverse and large range of yoga classes and events for yoga teachers and advanced yogi’s. Eveline Torres and Sanne Kerkhof, owners of the centre, are not only yoga teachers but also eternal yoga students. They would like to share their new knowledge and insights with other yogi’s.

Small groups

Working in small groups there is lots of space to explore the various aspects of yoga together and discuss them. There is room and time for interaction and personal attention. We create an open and trusting environment by practicing yoga with a maximum of 16 participants per session. This way we can learn from the insights and mistakes of each other, for example in our yoga intervision sessions, yoga teachers and students discuss various yoga issues in order to grow as a yoga practitioner or as a yoga teacher.

What’s in it for you?

The motto of Samana Yoga Center is : ‘Share knowledge and study continuously’. In yoga, you work and grow on both a physical and a mental level. Your vision and insights can be enriched at any time.
Everybody is going through their own process of development and education; it’s always nice and useful to share this with others. By exchanging insights and experiences, your yoga practice will deepen. This is one of the goals of Samana Yoga Center.

Yogalessen en evenementen voor gevorderden

  • Friday morning class
    Every Friday morning we practice in a 2,5 hour session. This gives us the opportunity to practice more deep, with enough time for all pillars of vijnana yoga; just sitting, pranayama, vayu’s, asana’s and a yoga philosophy (a short yoga text).  Check the schedule.
  • Yoga intervision
    Every quarter of a year,on friday afternoon, Eveline invites all the interested yoga teachers and enthusiastic yoga practitioners for Yoga Intervision: a combination of theory, cases of yoga classes and therapeutic yoga. Our goal is to exchange ideas in an open environment, to learn from each other, to make you test yourself and to enrich you as a teacher. Between the morning class and the intervision, Samana provides you with tea and the option to lunch together. Read more
  • Masterclasses
    Once every two months Samana organises a 2,5 hour master class with a clear theme. In this class, Eveline Torres works with a series of refined postures that bring a broad understanding of asana’s or of one of the pillar of yoga. Check our yoga agenda >>
  • Workshops
    Samana also organises weekend workshops to deepen your yoga understanding. In those sessions, Samana often invites skilful guest teachers from all over the world, like Flo Dedame (Canada) and Noga Barkai (Israel). Workshops are an inspiring way to use your weekend to deepen your yoga. Check our yoga agenda >>
  • Speciale yoga retreats
    Samana organises yoga retreats at wonderful locations. An ideal opportunity to broaden and deepen your yoga practice and to let go of daily thoughts and routines. Read more.
  • Tensegrity repair serie
    The classes therapeutic tensegrity at Samana are interesting for yoga teachers. Samana developed a tensegrity repair series, based in the insights of Gioia Irwin.  Experiences with this practice is impressive. They stimulate en strengsten the deep, core musscles and are design to use the natural support of our bone structures. It hydrates our joints and helps to become more flexible and to find a natrual healthy alignment.  Great to use in your own classes.  Watch this interessanting video.

Restorative Tensegrity


Yoga intervision


Extra long classes


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  • Pregnancy yoga teacher training .
    Owner Sanne Kerkhof is specialized in pregnancy and postnatal yoga. Soon she will start with trainings for yoga teachers who want to gain more knowledge in the field of pregnancy yoga. Interested? Let us know!
  • Training therapeutic yoga
    Yoga students often have injuries or stress complaints. The deeper your understanding of yoga is, the better you can teach and advice those students and help them to become stronger. As a yoga teacher, it is important to have insights in what to do and more important, what not to do, in case of injuries. Provide them with alternatives! Eveline Torres and Sanne Kerkhof are now collaborating with Noga Barkai, a therapeutic yoga teacher with more than 27 years of experience to develop a teacher training. Interested in this training? Mail to, and we will keep you informed.

Interested? Visit Samana for a trial lesson, or contact us on (020) 3315918.