Yoga Retreats of Samana

Yoga Retreats with Sanne Kerkhof, Marta Font, Dick Langenberg & Florence Dedame are a wonderful way to restore and find new energy. The retreats are for everyone: old and young, beginner and advanced yogi.

Samana organizes different retreats.  You can join us on a beautiful week of yoga combined with shiatsu with time to explore the natural beauty of Tuscany. We stay with  a hospital Dutch-Italians family on their farmland and enjoy their wonderful vegetarian biological meals.
Or you can come on the adventurous trip to Morocco: into the heart of silence. We bring you per camel to the yoga camp in the Sahara to practice in this special environment. Samana will also organize shorter retreats in the Netherlands, always on beautiful locations.

Please check our Retreats in the near future,read about experiences of the Samana retreat in Menorca or about our philosophy. A Samana Yoga Retreat brings you new energy and lots of inspiration during the retreat, something you can bring home with you.

Retreat Morocco

Into the heart of your practice
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Retreat Tuscany

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Release & Discover: Yoga & Shiatsu

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Summer City Retreat

Yoga with four elements – Summer-city-retreat in Amsterdam

Thursday August 24 – Sunday August 27 – from 10 till 13.

Yoga meets Yoga

a weekend in September 2017
A long weekend yoga in a natural forest in Holland during late summer with Eveline Tores and Carine Goekoop. Read more.

Restorative yoga

Winter City Retreat

Get ready for the New Year!

Tuesday December 27 till Friday December 30, at Samana, Amsterdam

Crocus Retreat

Flo Dedame