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Interessante kennis, yogafilosofie en yoganieuws van Samana Yoga Center in Amsterdam.

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Yin Yoga

What is Yon Yoga? Read and try with special offer.

Our vision on yoga retreats

De yoga retreat van Eveline Torres: intensief yoga beoefenen, tot jezelf komen in een ...


Samana shop: Toe spreaders and books

Joy-a-Toes – the favorite of Eveline & Sanne! Now for sale at Samana.


108 surya’s twice a year

At Samana  you can join us for this unique, meditative experience twice a year. With ...


BLOG: 5 surprising benefits of pregnancy

Some women love being pregnant, while others can’t wait until they get back their ...

Vijnana Yoga Practice Manual - Orit sen Gupta

Vijnana Yoga and the seven vital principles

At Samana many classes are in the Vijnana Yoga tradition. Sanne Kerkhof and Eveline ...