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BLOG: 5 surprising benefits of pregnancy

  • Date10/21/2014

Some women love being pregnant, while others can’t wait until they get back their ‘normal’ body. However, even if you are totally fed up with your pregnancy, there are benefits that may surprise you. Read these 5 surprising benefits of pregnancy, and you will feel much better!

  1. Healthy lifetsyle becomes a habit
    Pregnancy is one of the most effective ways to drop bad habits. No more drinking and smoking, and more exercise and fresh air. Often these new habits become shifts to a healthier lifestyle after the baby is born.
  2. Sex improves!
    For many women, sex improves during at least part of pregnancy. There is increased blood flow to the pelvic area during the second trimester, which increases sensitivity and the likelihood of (multiple) orgasm(s). But that’s not all yet, you will feel sexier too. The increase of pregnancy hormones and androgens heat up the libido. Probably the first trimester you don’t feel like having sex, because you are tired and nausea, while in the last trimester you feel too big. So make use of this feeling during this trimester! Please note that you don’t have to worry about hurting the fetus. As long as your pregnancy is uncomplicated, feel free!
  3. Senses are hightened
    Pregnancy increases your sense of smell, as well as your sense of taste. Some experts assign this fact on high levels of estrogen in the nose, while others theorize that this strong sense of smell helps women instinctively avoid potentially dangerous substances like cigarette smoke or tainted food, which can be harmful to both mother and baby.
  4. Basis for self-confidence
    Some studies suggest that women gain a newfound strength after going through labor and delivery. At minimum, pregnancy and childbirth can change your perspective for the better. When you’re living with the knowledge that your body is creating a new person and delivering him or her into the world, you’re less likely — at least some of the time — to sweat the small stuff.
  5. Less menstrual inconvenience
    Pregnancy has a positive effect on the menstrual cycle. Many women experience fewer menstrual cramps or pains after birth. No one really knows why it occurs, but the good thing is that it does occur.

Blog written by: Sanne Kerkhof