Roll & Release

This class is a healing space for letting go of tensions (both physical and emotional) and get refreshed with new space and vital energy. You work with self-massage of the fascia, using props. A special class at Samana by Marta Font who combines her insights in shiatsu massage, yoga and roll & release to give you what you need.

How does it work: Massage of the fascia

“Roll” stands for self massage using the body weight on props like tennis balls or blocks. This is a passive form of acupressure accessible to everybody.

“Release” stands for letting go of tensions, pains and blockages locked in our body systems. By releasing tightness in the belly, hamstrings, shoulders, neck or jaw, we also free ourselves of mental and emotional contractions.

About fascia

Fascia is a network of tissue that connects the body from head to toe. Fascia can be found almost everywhere in the body, around and inside the muscles, between the skin and the muscles, around every organ, bones, ligaments and joints. In a healthy body fascia helps to maintain good posture, range of motion, strength and flexibility. But fascia is as well like a storage room and physical and emotional traumas get locked there. Then it becomes tight, restricted and a source of tension. With “Roll&Release” we approach fascia by letting go all these knots of held vital energy.


The structure of the class

Pranayama (breathing exercises)
Gentle asanas combined with the “Roll&Release” exercises with props like tennis balls, blocks or rolled tissues.
Each day we will focus on a specific area of the body. But because we work on the fascia, the whole body will be affected.

Expertise of the teacher

Marta Font is a certified Vijnana yoga teacher with more than ten years experience. She is also a Shiatsu therapist with knowledge and experience in Western and Eastern approaches to medicine. She applies in the lessons her experience giving treatments, creating a safe, warm space for personal healing.

“Roll&Release” is a healing pathway created by Rusty Davis. I am pleased to be able to incorporate some of his work in my work at Samana Yoga Center.