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May 1 – May 7 2016, Tuscany, Italy.

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Join us on this wonderful yoga holiday. With a holistic approach, we help you to nourish your body, mind and heart. You will receive a lot of new energy in return. By practicing yoga and shiatsu daily, you will relax and release. You will find space from where you can improve your inner balance. This way there is room for new discoveries. We will practice yoga in an inspiring environment; in an area with mountains surrounded by magical Italian landscapes. Every afternoon you can make excursions to nature reserves, hot water sources, monasteries or medieval towns. We stay at Podere di Maggio with a Ducth-Italian family, who welcomes us warmly and serves us delicious meals.   Book on time!

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For whom?

Everybody is welcome, beginners and advanced yogi. We take a maximum of 20 people. That’s how you can really receive personal assistance. We help you practice at your own level.
A Samana retreat is a special experience. Read how participants liked earlier retreats. Read what other participants say about a Samana retreat.


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The spring retreat in Tuscany combines yoga with a real holiday-feeling. For a whole week, you can surrender yourself to the rhythm of yoga, meditation and (self) massage. You can leave your daily life behind you, to give careful attention to yourself, both physically and mentally.

Yoga in the morning
Eveline Torres gives the morning classes in the Vijnana tradition, supported by Marta Font. Eveline has deep insights in yoga and teaches you how you can practice yoga from within. Strong, and without much effort.
You learn to understand postures through your body. Breathing exercises are crucial in this process: your breath can support and direct your postures. You move from your center, your Samana. Your practice will be guided by the  seven principles  of Vijnana Yoga.

Shiatsu in late afternoon
In the afternoon, Marta Font will give sessions of Shiatsu and self massage. The lessons are restorative, meant to finish the day in a gentle way. We combine yoga with massage in order to relax. Shiatsu helps your energy to flow again. The massage principles are learnable for everyone; a wonderful experience to give and receive!
Shiatsu is a form of manual treatment, based on the meridians and acupuncture from Chinese healing ideology. You get to know different points in your body that have a positive effect on your wellbeing.
Those afternoon classes help you to integrate what you’ve learned and experienced. They are a good preparation for the next day.



The yoga session take place in the new studio at  Podere di Maggio, surrounded by magical green landscapes. We sleep in rustic little cottages. There are two 2-person houses, in the other houses more people can sleep. There is a lot to do in the vicinity. You can swim in the river or nature-pool and see the Tibetan monastery!

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Delicious meals

The family where we’ll stay grows their own vegetables. Our hosts will serve us the most delicious meals from the garden and from the area.


the yoga teachers

eveline_torresEveline Torres has years of teacher-experience and teaches full of passion and inspiration. She speaks Dutch, English and Spanish. ‘Teaching is my greatest passion and pleasure. I like to share what fascinates me; the combination of quietness of a movement on the one hand, and the power and souplesse on the other. In my practice I take into account only the physical body, but also the mental and emotional side. Want to know more? Read  her profile  profile on the website.


Marta Font combines Vijnana yoga with Shiatsu principles. “Vijnana yoga and Shiatsu help us to live more from the Hara or Samana. The Hara is the seat of our life energy located in the lower belly. Quiescence and power are developed from this place. It helps you live with empathy and a pure contact with others.” Want to know more? Read her profile on the website.

What’s in it for you?

This retreat is a gift to your self. Enjoy 7 days of yoga with no distraction. Travel to the heart of your practice! You will develop a new, physical stable and enjoyable practice. The natural environment and loving support will help you in this process. Read our blog on the ideas behind our retreats >>


In the morning:
– Meditation/kriya’s/vayu’s/pranayama (breathing exercises)
– Breakfast break
– Asana practice
– Lunch & time for yourself
Time to see the area, to walk or to rest.
Late afternoon:
– Restorative yoga & shiatsu
During the week we will organize a movie night & music night.

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Maximal participants is 20, so book on time!

Practical information

  • 7 days of yoga, with 2 yoga teachers fulltime.
  • 8 overnights
  • Biological breakfasts, lunches and dinners

Not included:
* Flight (we advise canceling insurance)
* Transfer/ Car rental to the retreat village


Special spring offer:
€ 995,- (cottage for more persons) for €795,-
€ 1095, – (cottage max. 2 persons) Fully booked


Reservations are required.
You can make a reservation by emailing us and by transferring the total price  Bank account number: NL23INGB0005093076 / Samana Yoga Center.
Once you have booked we’ll sent you information on the exact location and how to get there. It is advisable to rent a car.

Data and schedule
April 30 – flight to Rome or Pisa(Best prices Transavia)
May 1 – 7: Yoga & Shiatsu
May 8: flight to Amsterdam

retreat italyBooking requirements
Minimum participants: 12. Maximum: 20.
You are booked when we received the whole payment, before April 1st 2016. After emailing us, we will send you further info.

When you cancel your reservation before March 1st, we will return your payment minus the administration and reservation costs of € 85,-.
Samana holds the right to cancel the retreat until 3 weeks before start. In this case, you will receive the whole payment. We are not liable for the flight tickets.

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