OM meditation

Banner the voice withinThe OM meditation is in perfect harmony with its meaning: whole or holy. That’s why it is good to chant OM. The vibrations of the OM sounds help body and mind to heal. Singing together deepens the experience. You can stand or sit. We have chairs, cushions, blankets and mats to sit on.


Caroline learned OM healing at a seminar in Russia. Ever since she has been practicing it. For some time now she wanted to give OM healing sessions in Amsterdam, because of the simplicity and profoundness of this practice. She is very happy Samana embraces her idea. Caroline invites you all to come and join in a OM Healing session to experience it for yourself. It is a very simple practice, you need no special skills.


The OM-sound is seen as the manifestation in sound of the Devine. It has a strong influence on the human mind. It is said that the circular structure of the OM sound brings forth a vibration that defines the whole universe.

OM is seen as the perfect sound that includes all sounds that bring the world into manifestation. OM vibrations are in perfect harmony with its meaning: whole or holy. That’s why it is good to chant OM. The OM vibrations of perfect wholeness can bring all the cells in our body in harmony.


The OM Healing is known for thousands of years in cultures where people were more in tune with the higher wisdom and were aspiring to live in harmony with the universe. The Rishis (old wise men in Vedic writings) used the powerful primordial vibration of the OM sounds to heal humanity and to heal the unbalance in human and nature. Cosmic OM vibrations transform all vibrations in us that are out of balance. When a group dedicates time to chant OM the healing power of the OM sounds becomes stronger. As soon as the OM vibrations reach ourselves we can with more ease let go of emotions, thoughts and negative energy. It brings you space for healing. This way it helps to heal, balance and harmonize all people in the group. The effect extends to the room and all people around, men and animals, buildings and nature. We can even bring this healing force to the benefit of whatever the group decides to direct its vibrations to.


Everyone can join a OM Healing.


Every second Sunday of the month. Click here for the agenda.


The sessions are donation based.