Kim Terpstra

Kim Terpstra

Vinyasa Flow docent

Dancing was my passion from childhood and when I was eleven, I started at the National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam.

After some years I suffered from injuries and I finally was forced to stop dancing. I then had to decide what I wanted to do with my life and it was so that I ended up at the art academy. Here I graduated as a Graphic Designer / Illustrator, landed in the fashion world and discovered and developed my love for textile design. Meanwhile, I have built a successful career in it, but in the meantime I started to miss something to do with my body. After some time I was literally not comfortable in my own skin and accidentally found a yoga school in my neighborhood where started yoga classes. In yoga I found what I had missed so much and so needed! I’m joined a lot of classes and I immersed myself in as many styles and many different teachers and learned a lot about yoga and also about myself. Because yoga not only appeared to be joining some nice classes for me, but it was an important aspect of my daily life, I decided to follow a teacher training. At first, not to teach, but to get to know more about it. After my training teaching classes seemed to just come to me and I grabbed this opportunity with both hands!

In the classes I teach, I focus on technique (alignment), the breath, movement (flow) and I try people well to listen to himself. A combination of exercise and relaxation, challenge and surrender. Strength, flexibility and balance are a wonderful combination of tools that can develop during yoga, to take care of yourself so by all means. I always make sure to adjust the exercises are within everyone’s limits, but so that it remains an active, physical lesson, where you can also get a lot of satisfaction is when you are not looking deeper layers within the yoga.
I prefer to teach in smaller groups, because it is important for me to give personal attention. Everyone has a different body, different grades and other issues to focus on and I try everyone there, as personal as possible, to guide them in.

I also got into the yoga community on Instagram. Along with yogis from all over the world, I join yoga challenges and I am ambassador for a number of yoga brands (which I really like combined with my own textile design!). This way I get to know a lot of inspiring people, and I notice that you never stop learning in Yoga! (IG: kimterpstra1978)