Léah Kline

Léah Kline

Anusara Yoga Teacher

Yoga has had a strong influence on me in my life. I have been practicing yoga since 1995 and teaching yoga since 2003. I love to teach. I love to demystify the body and give people a feeling of aliveness (back to them). I teach mostly in english, but speak dutch fluently and a little bit of French. oh and I love to sing. It’s my other profession.
From 2002 ’til 2005, I’ve practiced and trained to teach Ashtanga yoga and from 2008 ’til present, I have continued to study and train. Now, I am Certified 500-Hour Anusara Professor of Hatha Yoga, and teacher’s mentor providing yoga classes, masterclasses, advanced studies, mentorships, retreats and Savasana concerts for students, teachers and studios.

I offer options in my lessons, so that less experienced and more experienced students can work at their own level. I find that this helps people to listen to their bodies and make choices that suit them. This way you learn to follow different levels and know when to take a break and when to continue.

Léah’s offerings at Samana: Anusara Hatha Flow ( all levels)
& Anusara Basic Alignment ( slow – level 1)

Hatha yoga is the mother of all yoga styles- Hatha meaning BODY and is in general known for the holding of poses a bit longer to feel, as well as, work on correct alignment and breathing
Anusara Hatha yoga incorporates lilfe -affirming themes incorporated into the lessons
Anusara Yoga is a very long in-depth study (of non-dual tantric philosophy, therapy, and bio-mechanics.) The word “Anusara” means to flow with Grace and celebrate the Divine in all things.

While she guides you through different yoga postures (asanas), pranayama (breathing) techniques and correct alignment, she brings yoga philosophy in her accessible and inspiring way and makes you aware of the observer, your intuition and that sense of wholeness & aliveness that belongs to daily life..

Themes you will most often find in her lessons are: Authenticity, Truth, Gratitude, Compassion, Patience, Peace, Joy and Love.

Anusara Basic Alignment
For beginner’s, Coming back from injury, taking it easy, or just working slowly. This class is for people wanting slow and steady.
Each class Léah teaches a Universal Principle of Alignment ( there are 5) and we work through that as a theme.