Marianne de Kuyper

Marianne de Kuyper

Yin Yoga docent

Marianne de Kuyper
Vinyasa- and Yin Yoga docent

Marianne started doing Hatha yoga on her eighteenth and experienced how to become more and more aware of her body and mind and how she could relax more consciously. After this she started practicing Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga to increase the physical challenge. She now combines it with Yin Yoga in order to find a balance between activating and relaxing the body and to alternate the more active yoga styles with a more meditative practice.

Her own practice and the classes that she teaches are inspired by various teachers and mainly by José de Haan – de Groot, David Swenson, Sarah Powers, David Lurey, Erica Jago, James Higgins and Max Strom. Marianne combines various yoga styles in her classes and she often hears from students that she seems to know what the group needs.

Marianne has worked as a certified yoga teacher since 2010 and she follows yearly training sessions and workshops with various teachers to continue receiving inspiration and knowledge. ‘I love adapting my personal practice to what I am feeling and to what I need in that moment. I also do this in the classes that I teach. I experienced myself how important it is to follow my heart and to, for example, choose a yoga style that suits me and to follow classes of a teacher that I appreciate. This and more I’d love to share with my students’.

Apart from doing and teaching yoga, Marianne also writes about her own process as a teacher and student and about how you can apply yoga in your daily life. She does this for Oh My Yoga, Shine and BeBio. She is the founder of Yoga in de Buurt and initiated Yogabite together with other professionals.

You can also contact her for ‘Life Skills Sessions’. In these sessions you will find out what your personal challenge is and you will discover what gives you the strength to live the life that suits you best, so that you can follow your heart. There is no fixed format for these sessions. Marianne will adapt each session to what needs to be looked at in that given moment