Restorative Yoga in Amsterdam

restorative04Restorative Yoga
Practice that helps to relase tensions build up in daily life and really helps against stress, stiffness and injuries.

For who?

Restorative Yoga reduces stress and improves your body postures, endurance and power level. It helps you recover from imbalances caused by daily stress or major life events. Therapeutic Yoga is a gift to yourself; let the energy flow again, refresh and renew your body. Feel more powerful than ever!’

Restorative yoga can really help when you suffer from physical problems

Do you suffer from tiredness, anxiety, migraine, sleeping disorders or menopause? Do you have symptoms such as RSI, stiff shoulders, neck or pelvis? Do you frequently have pain in your back, neck or shoulders? Then you must try therapeutic yoga at Samana Yoga Center.
When you suffer from specific injuries, the teachers will advice you about how to move and how to become stronger and more energetic. They will provide you with tips about specific postures that will make your body stronger. The yoga exercises exist in combination with breathing and mindfulness. The healing power of the yoga at Samana lies in the mix of those elements.

How does it work?

In our restorative  yoga sessions, we will work in groups with a maximum of 16 participants, to keep the classes small and personal. This way we can offer all participants personal advise what to focus on or how to adjust practices to be beneficial for you. We work not only with yoga asana’s. The therapeutic effect of yoga becomes stronger because we combine this practice with
– breathing and
– mindfulness

Your breathing is the bridge between your physical body and your mind. The different breathing exercises can have a healing effect on your postures and nerve system. Therefore the therapeutic yoga sessions will pay extra attention to this aspect.

Your mind and concentration are also trained by these yoga sessions. You will learn to concentrate and to listen to your body with an open mind. You will take time to give your body the sincere attention it needs. By practicing with extra focus, your body will let you know what does and what doesn’t work well. This way you discover how you can reduce the source of your stress, stiffness, injuries, and other complaints.

Restorative Yoga and Restorative Tensegrity

For the therapeutic yoga classes, Samana created a series of healing exercises. Those are inspired by the insights of ‘tensegrity repair series’ of Gioia Irwin. Those series are designed to train and activate your muscles optimally, and to show you how you can use your bones as firm pillars. A great way to find your center and natural alignment. You hydrate your joints in order to become more flexible.Samana offers two classes of therapeutic yoga. In both classes we use these series, but the tensegrity class puts more emphasis on these exercises.

What’s in it for you?

By paying attention to breathing and concentration, your yoga helps your body to get stronger and reduce or overcome injuries. You will learn to listen to yourself and to your body, and to tackle discomforts with patience. The yoga exercises help you relax and become stronger. Mostly the sessions have an immediate effect. You will sleep better and you will feel less stiff while walking, riding a bicycle or sitting. Your natural body pose will improve!

Expertise of our yoga teachers

Our yoga teachers have years of experience and never stop studying. They know which exercises are good for you. Together we will search for the best ways to optimize our yoga practice and to become stronger and healthier. The groups at Samana are small, so that the classes stay personal. Before the start of the class, you can consult with the yoga teacher to let her know what you would like and need.

Practical information

In our schedule you can find when you can join the therapeutic yoga classes.
Check the webpages on Therapeutic Yoga and Therapeutic Tensegrity.
Visit us for a trial lesson or contact us on (020) 33 15 918.


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