Weekend retreat YOGA MEETS YOGA

Hof van Axen

Hof van Axen

Weekend retreat YOGA MEETS YOGA

Friday September 30 till Sunday October 2
In de Hof van Axen in Drenthe
With Carine Goekoop and Eveline Torres

 Eveline Torres is thrilled to invite you to this new mini-retreat at the beautiful house in Drenthe. This time she will join wisdom with Carine Goekoop, a wonderful enthusiastic teacher in the ashtanga tradition. Take this change to deepen your practice together.

Carine and Eveline will each lead yoga sessions. Opening our hearts for each other and the two traditions they come from we will explore the connections and the deeper layers underneath the different yoga schools.  With a small group of practitioners (max. 16) and two teachers we will explore new combinations, new insights to take home with you.

This mini-retreat is specially for yoga practitioners a minimum of 2 years experience and for yoga teachers.



This retreat demands no long traveling. The retreat takes place on a unique location in the Dutch province of Drenthe, where nature is abundant and ancient remains of old inhabitants are scattered in the scenery.
The beginning of spring is already in the air, when we stay at the Hof van Axen, surrounded by forest, with a lake of crystal clear water nearby. The “Hof van Axen” is a spiritual centre where nature is honoured.
The house is build with ecological materials and many facilities are ‘green’. Like the heat-walls, finished with natural mud. In February there is a heater on wood in the living room, for warmth and a good atmosphere.
The accommodations are simple and basic. There are no distractions.
We invite you to fully emerge in the yoga sessions. Put your telephone and Ipad away for a few days and be fully aware of the wonderful place you’re at, amidst the trees, goats and hunnebeds from the early inhabitants of Drenthe.
You can get an impression of the place at the website of the Hof van Axen.

hof van axen


Friday September 30 2016
17.00 aankomst
17.30 yoga “à la carte” / self-practice
19.00 diner
20.30 opening weekend / yogaprogramma

Saturday October 1 2016
08.00 meditatie, kriya en pranayama (ademhalingstechnieken)
09.15 klein ontbijt
10.15 yogasessie van Carine of Eveline
12.30 lunch
16.30 yoga “à la carte” / self-practice
19.00 diner
20.30 kampvuur practice

Sunday October 2 2016
07.30 meditatie, kriya’s en pranayama (ademhalingstechnieken)
08.45 klein ontbijt
9.30 yogasessie Carine of Eveline
12.00 lunch
15.00 yoga “à la carte” / self-practice
17.00 vertrek


About the teachers

Eveline Torres, one of the founders of  Samana Yoga Center is a vijnana yoga teacher who is always open to learning new things. She practices yoga with devotion. Her yoga sessions are both playful and serious. She can give you new inspiration and insights.
She looks forward to work with  Carine Goekoop, a teacher with an open, curious look on yoga, devoted and a teachers with a clear structure in her classes. Her yoga roots lie in ashtanga yoga.

They will show you the connection of different yoga traditions coming together through the open minds of the teachers   to bring a synergy and some fresh experience in your yoga practice.

Practical information

Weekend retreat in 2-person room:  325 euro.
two teachers, maximum of 16 students.
lodging, full pension, coffee, thea, yoga, toeristentax, BTW etc.
not included:traveling costs
*Bedsheets cost 10 euro and must be payed tot the  Hof van Axen staff.

register via informatie@samanayogacenter.nl
You are sure of your place once you’ve payed. Be quick, it will be fully booked soon.

Early bird
Early bird price 295 euro, before July 15 2016.
Register starts July 1

Voor whom?
The weekend is not for beginners; We expect you to know how to sit for some time  (meditate), and that you have your own  asana-practice. When in doubt, please contact Eveline or Carine.

You can reach Hof van Axen by public transportation.
If we have the full list of participants we can get you into contact with the others to see if car pooling is an option. You will receive a route to Hof van Axen by mail.