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The Subtle Life:  Discovering the Pathways of Communication and Deep Presence of your Fascial Matrix

11/05/2019 at 08:00-16:00

Data: Saturday May 11 
Time: Saturday  9.00-12.00 13.00-16.00
With: Trudy Austin


  • We start with our introduction and in addition I will give an overview of my personal interest in this work and why it is an important addition  to our yoga practice.
  • Then we will go into a general explanation about the Tensegrity Repair Series, and the origin, development and basic principles of it are discussed.
  • We go dive into the principles of Biotensegrity Paradigm and the role our connective tissue, and the fasciae matrix plays in our body.
  • What is Fasciae, why is it so important and how do we work with it in our body. This new science, which is an important complement to our understanding of our human anatomy, will come back throughout the entire workshop  so that  at the end of the two days together, we all have a good understanding of Biotensegrity.
  • We will also look at why it is important to know ourselves and our body as well as possible to understand how this contributes to physical , psychological and spiritual health.


In the open gathering of this workshop we hold space for sensing and feeling within us the beauty and sparkle of the crystalline, electrical, fluid and whole beings that we are.

In our adventure together we explore two pathways toward understanding our true inner nature.

Our first pathway will be to learn what are some of the primary forces at work within the fascial matrix.

These forces inside of us communicate and work together so that the connective tissue matrix may be super efficient and optimal results are attained. Good results support high functional expressions of all the various aspects of our being.

In the spirit of ease and fun, this exploration is open ended, and flexible in its approach and presentation, and will hugely interesting and entertaining.

Our second pathway to clarity and insight, is movement and tensegrity repair series work.

As we move our bodies with appropriate attention and supported intention, our first pathway is informed with deeper insight. The reverse is of course also the case, and learning informs our movement with joy and easy presence.



  • By linking together our understanding of the theoretical basis of biotensegrity with the movements of the Tensegrity repair series we find good connections.
  • Because we listen to what it told us, we enhance our understanding and respect for our body.
  • By bringing the principles into our motion practice we become mentally calmer, more balanced and unhesitating. Physically we are stronger and we avoid injuries and other unwanted development

Practical information

The workshop is  open for alle levels.
Regular price: €85,00.
Price members with a lesson card: €75,00
(max.: 16 people )

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Register in time: only 16 participants


Persoonlijke Training:
Gecertificeerd en geaccrediteerd met Vijnana Yoga International 800 Academic Hours en drie jaar Vijnana Yoga Teacher Training met Gioia Irwin. Theorie and principes of BioTensegrity en de Tensegrity RepairSeries Assistent bij 3 jaar Vijnana Yoga Teacher Training ,Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training , Yoga Meets Dance Teacher Training, 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training ,Kunst en Schilder en Stofversiering training, Verpleegster

Vijnana Yoga en Tensegrity Repair Series lessen, retreats and workshops , Tensegrity Repair Series, Teacher Trainings Yoga Philosophy and Sitting Meditation.
Voortdurende training with Gioia Irwin and Flo de Dame
Geschreven:  “The Tensegrity Series the Power of the Curve”

Organization of:

  • Yoga events with 2 colleagues.
  • Bio Tensegrity lecture at UBC with Stephen Levin as keynote and 2 other speakers. Over 70 people attending.
  • BIG Biotensegrity Interest Group Retreat with Stephen Levin and 15 invited guests who apply this paradigm in their work and practices. Presentations, discussions, practices all showcasing and highlighting the Biotensegrity paradigm.
  • Three once a year Vijnana Yoga Gatherings extending over a weekend, with 80-120 participants in each one.
  • Meditation and Yoga Philosophy workshops with Ravi Ravindra and Will Johnson.



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