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Back Bend Masterclass

28/10/2016 at 18:30-21:30

Back Bend Masterclass

Let the energy flow and conquer your fears!

Date: Friday Oktober 28
Time: 18.30h – 21.30h
With: Eveline Torres

Back bends are not part of our day-to-day lives. That’s why they are so surprising and refreshing! Join this master class and get comfortable with these unfamiliar poses.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Yoga teachers &  students with min. 2 years of regular practice.



Practice will progress slowly, so that students can confidently comprehend all aspects of the back bending poses. Class will flow following a well thought out series of steps that will fully prepare students to safely perform the back bends:

  • Cleansing with vayu and udhyana banda (breathing and opening up meridians).
  • Sharpening focus and mind with mediation.
  • Pranayama practices (breathing) to be more grounded and to activate our fire.
  • Practicing fundamental vital principles to better understand all aspects of back bending: relaxing the body (effortlessly), rooting and centering.
  • Flowing from back pose to back pose.

Practice will culminate in variations of the Bridge, also called in sanskrit urdhva dhanurasana. For practioners who want to go further, there is flexibility to practice other back bend asanas that are even more challenging. Together we can determine what is good for each individual at that particular moment.



Back bends are great for opening up your lungs and heart. Blockages will disappear and energy will flow more freely again. Although the asanas are intense you will go home full of energy.

Back Bend poses can be quite challenging. In this master class we carefully build up and practice step by step. You will feel comfortable with the poses and might even want to incorporate them into your regular routine at home. Together we will determine how far you can safely go.

The teacher will lead the class from simple into more challenging poses following a smart sequence of steps. This way practioners will be able to master the asanas they have always wanted to understand. Students will be given individual attention in order to feel safe to experiment and meet new challenges.



Eveline Torres is a certified Vijnana Yoga teacher, with extensive experience practicing and teaching for the past 16 years. Together with Sanne Kerkhof, she is the owner of the Samana Yoga Center in Amsterdam.

“Teaching is my passion and pleasure. I love to share what fascinates me about yoga: the combination of stillness in movement and strength with flexibility—not just in the physical body but also in the mental-emotional body”

Eveline has expertise and training in all aspects of yoga teaching (meditation, pranayama, vayu’s, asana and text reading). Yet her classes are never overly technical. She brings into her teaching the warmth characteristic of her native country, Brazil. Her classes are spiced up with humor. She brings energy to the body and shows the way to stillness inside oneself: two aspects of practice and of daily life. She sees teaching and living as a continuous learning process.

Since 2000, she has taught and conducted workshops all over Europe and Brazil. At Samana Yoga Center, she hosts international renowned Vijnana Yoga teachers, who come to share their knowledge and expertise with the Dutch community.

Eveline continues her studies and development with Orit Sen Gupta, founder of Vijnana Yoga, and with Noga Barkai (Israel). She completed the 3-year classical yoga education with Teresa Caldas and Dona Holleman, and is certified as a Vijnana yoga teacher. In addition, she has training in Medical and Restorative Yoga and completed the 3-year International Yoga Teacher Training with Orit Sen Gupta.

At the moment she is invested in developing a deeper knowledge of pranayama and tensegrity as restorative practices.  She is also developing a master training for teachers to enrich teaching skills and as a reflection tool on the best practices in yoga teaching.

To Eveline, Vijnana Yoga means “movement with integrity from your center, your samana.”



For Yoga teachers & practitioners with min. 2 years of regular practice.
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Costs: € 35,-
Regular students at Samana: € 30,- code:vasteklant

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Tip: if you like an extra long class try our weekly 2.5 hour class, new at Samana: every Friday morning.


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