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Restorative yoga retreat in Drenthe

07/10/2016 at 11:00-09/10/2016 at 17:00


Dates:   Friday October 7 till Sunday October 9
Where: Het hof van Axen in Drenthe
With: Sanne Kerkhof and Eveline Torres
For: everyone that can use some rest and healing.

Restorative weekend-retreat

Reduce your stress and experience a few days of rest in a quit place. From this calm place your strength grows and you become empowered again.
A weekend of therapeutic yoga is a gift for your body and mind. You will notice that, when you’re back in your daily life routine, it will be easier to relax and find your way back to your well-balanced self after this retreat. This weekend will help you develop this skill, not only through the yoga sessions with Eveline and Sanne. But also with the help of the practical advise on asana series that help you in to restore balance and power.

Every year Samana will bring this workshop to prepare you for the new spring season.

Unique place

This retreat demands no long traveling. The retreat takes place on a unique location in the Dutch province of Drenthe, where nature is abundant and ancient remains of old inhabitants are scattered in the scenery.
The beginning of spring is already in the air, when we stay at the Hof van Axen, surrounded by forest, with a lake of crystal clear water nearby. The “Hof van Axen” is a spiritual centre where nature is honoured.
The house is build with ecological materials and many facilities are ‘green’. Like the heat-walls, finished with natural mud. In February there is a heater on wood in the living room, for warmth and a good atmosphere.
The accommodations are simple and basic. There are no distractions.
We invite you to fully emerge in the yoga sessions. Put your telephone and Ipad away for a few days and be fully aware of the wonderful place you’re at, amidst the trees, goats and hunnebeds from the early inhabitants of Drenthe.
You can get an impression of the place at the website of the Hof van Axen.

Biological food

Our hosts are Jan and Sonja, who will prepare us wonderful meals. They cook with dedication and love, using fresh products from local farmers. They cook healthy meals, using their deep knowledge on the healing powers of food. Jan makes spelt-bread at home, using grains grown locally.

Yoga retreat with a special start

If you have time, don’t miss the special start of this yoga weekend on Friday morning. If you can’t leave early you are welcome to join the group in the afternoon. In the morning we offer you a wonderful ritual for transition: A sweatlodge ritual. This session will help you to arrive fully and leave your daily worries behind.
The full group will start with a yoga session from 5 till 7 pm, followed by a dinner near the woodstove where we will talk about the programme for the days ahead.

Saturdays programme:
morning session: therapeutic yoga
lunch and walk
afternoon: yoga session
evening: lounge at the wood stove and a talk about yoga tekst.

Saturday we focus on a strong lower back and pelvis
In this session we do asana’s to regain strength and suppleness. We work to bring back the balance between strength and relaxation. The yoga postures that will help you most are sitting postures to ground and help relax, standing poses to build up strength in relaxation and back bendings.
In the process you detox, touching your belly, stomach and intestines.
We pay special attention to the breath, as a tool to bring back the natural alignment in your body. Breathing helps to create physical space so that the natural flow of energy can be restored. This space and energy flow, generated by good breathing practice, will help you to become more relaxed and will make it easier to concentrate on the natural healthy posture of your lower back and pelvis during the asana’s.
After a day of practice with focus on this area you will be stronger and you might keep the healthy lower back posture even in daily life. You will feel more energetic, ready for the Sunday practice.

Sunday Programme:
morning session: therapeutic yoga
lunch and walk
afternoon: yoga session
departure arond 5 pm

Sunday we focus on the relaxation of the upper body, neck and shoulders
Upper body, neck and shoulders become irritated because we work so much sitting at tables and behind computers. Neck and shoulders often feel stiff, they deserve relaxation. In this workshop we will take good care of your upper body.
Neck, shoulders and upper back become relaxed though a series asana’s building up the relaxation gently. We start with sitting asana’s using arm-shoulder variations and twists. Then we build up a series of back bendings, opening up the upper back and hart area. Hart openers help the energy to flow more freely thought your lungs, energizing your whole system. We end with shoulder balances.
This restorative practice will help your upper body to become more supple, more open and to become stronger.
We prepare for the asana session with breathing exercises. The breathing helps you to become more relaxed and it brings more space into your body. This way your body finds its natural alignment and the healing effect of the asana’s will be more effective.
The strength of your upper body regained in this workshop will help you in yoga and in daily life.

Healing yourself

This weekend is a gift to your self. At the end of these workshops you have reached a good balance between relaxation and strength in two important areas of your body. You regained vital energy and feel strong, confident and brave. Your body is detoxed and your mind is clear.  A great way to start the new week.

Practical information:

Dates: Friday October 7 till Sunday October 9  2016
Start:  Friday April 15, 11am – with sweatlodge session
– don’t miss this, it’s a great way to start the weekend and really arrive –
or Friday October 7 at 5pm– start first yoga session
End: Sunday,  October 9 at 5pm.

345.00Add to cart

a-Including accommodation, all meals, fruits and tea, all yoga sessions with full time 2 teachers: €345 ,- a person
b-Including accommodation,all meals, fruits and tea, all yoga sessions with full time 2 teachers, extra lunch and a sweatlodge session(min.10 people): €365,- a person

*The rooms for two are basic and bathrooms and toilets shared.

When you cancel your reservation before September 15, we will return your payment minus the administration and reservation costs of € 85,-.
Samana holds the right to cancel the retreat. In this case, you will receive the whole payment. We are not liable for the flight/train tickets.

Transport to/from Drenthe
Extra sessions like massages
Travel- and cancelation insurance
Tourist tax €1.20 p.p. (each night)

Register in time: Minimum 16 people, maximum 20 people.
Payment: accountnumber NL 23 INGB 0005 0930 76 – Samana Yoga Center Amsterdam
Adres: Hof van Axen, Bosweg 4, 9439 TL Witteveen


07/10/2016 at 11:00
09/10/2016 at 17:00
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