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Therapeutic Yoga weekend 2016

14/05/2016 at 13:00-15/05/2016 at 16:30

Pentecostal weekend Sanne and Eveline join hands for this weekend of therapeutic yoga. They will give you the subtle and energizing energy of Vijnana Yoga, combined with the healing power of Therapeutic Yoga.

Saturday & Sunday, May 14 & 15
from 13 – 16.30h
With: Eveline Torres and Sanne Kerkhof

Therapeutic Yoga reduces stress and improves health by rebuilding postural strength and stamina. It helps correcting imbalances caused by daily life stress or major life events.
Therapeutic Yoga is a gift to yourself:
Get the energy in your body flowing again and you will feel refreshed and renewed!

Restore & Renew

This combination has beneficial therapeutic effects on your physical, mental and emotional well-being. In this weekend you learn techniques to restore and renew. This first session, on Saturday, will focus on lower back and pelvis. This second session, Sunday, will focus on upper body, shoulders and neck. The workshops are for people of all level of yoga.

What can you expect of the Special Pentecostal Yoga weekend: Therapeutic Yoga

Saturday: A strong lower back and pelvis
In our daily life we mostly sit. We move our lower back and pelvis too little. This part of our body becomes stiff, tense and weak. It causes blockage of energy and sometimes pain or irritation in this area.
In this workshop we do asana’s to regain strength and suppleness. We work to bring back the balance between strength and relaxation. The yoga postures that will help you most are sitting postures to ground and help relax, standing poses to build up strength in relaxation and back bendings.
In the process you detox, touching your belly, stomach and intestines.
We pay special attention to the breath, as a tool to bring back the natural alignment in your body. Breathing helps to create physical space so that the natural flow of energy can be restored. This space and energy flow, generated by good breathing practice, will help you to become more relaxed and will make it easier to concentrate on the natural healthy posture of your lower back and pelvis during the asana’s.
After a day of practice with focus on this area you will be stronger and you might keep the healthy lower back posture even in daily life. You will feel more energetic, ready for the Sunday practice.

Sunday: relax the upper body, neck and shoulders
Upper body, neck and shoulders become irritated because we work so much sitting at tables and behind computers. Neck and shoulders often feel stiff, they deserve relaxation.
In this workshop we will take good care of your upper body.
Neck, shoulders and upper back become relaxed though a series asana’s building up the relaxation gently. We start with sitting asana’s using arm-shoulder variations and twists. Then we build up a series of back bendings, opening up the upper back and hart area. Hart openers help the energy to flow more freely thought your lungs, energizing your whole system. We end with shoulder balances.
This restorative practice will help your upper body to become more supple, more open and to become stronger.
We prepare for the asana session with breathing exercises. The breathing helps you to become more relaxed and it brings more space into your body. This way your body finds its natural alignment and the healing effect of the asana’s will be more effective.
The strength of your upper body regained in this workshop will help you in yoga and in daily life.

Healing yourself

This weekend is a gift to your self. At the end of these workshops you have reached a good balance between relaxation and strength in two important areas of your body. You regained vital energy and feel strong, confident and brave. Your body is detoxed and your mind is clear.
A great way to start the new week.

About therapeutic / Restorative yoga
In this form of yoga, you learn techniques to restore & renew:

• Conscious relaxation
• Observing habits and imbalances
• Breathing exercises
• Holding yoga poses for a longer time in a easy way
During longer asana poses the body can unwind and release within each pose.
Sanne & Eveline will help you find the best way into each pose by using props and hands-on adjustments so you can fully experience and relax in each pose. The staying and breathing in the Asana’s cultivates the calm necessary for mental and physical stamina.

About the teachers
Read more about Sanne Kerkhof and Eveline Torres on the team page


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Prices: € 55,- per day or 2 days €100,-
Regular students with class cards price: € 50,- one day or for 2 days € 95,-

Register in time: only 16 participants
Payment: accountnumber NL 23 INGB 0005 0930 76 – Samana Yoga Center Amsterdam


14/05/2016 at 13:00
15/05/2016 at 16:30
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