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Workshops ‘BE YOURSELF’
 Yoga, Emotions & Eating

08/12/2019 at 12:00-20:00

BE YOURSELF, Yoga, Emotions & Eating
by Revital Prisler

Sunday 12:00 – 20:00   
12.00-16.00   17.00- 20.00
December 8 

How would you like to feel comfortable in your body?
How would you like to recognize when you are hungry?
To learn to eat what you like and to realize when you are satisfied?

How would you like to restore your health, to enjoy the movement of your body
and to release old imprints, to quieten the mind, to meditate?

What does it take to change your habits and to grow towards more self esteem
and more self awareness?

In this program you will be given the opportunity to find out how Yoga can help you to build a new and healthy relationship with your body and with food, how to create a transformation, to deal with the past and with old patrons of negative behaviour, such as anger, shame and guilt.

We will learn to develop skills through the practice of yoga and to investigate the personal reasons behind emotional eating. The program is direct, fearless, yet compassionate.

About the teacher

For more than 30 years Revital is practicing and teaching yoga. She is known for her serious and personal approach and for her in depth knowledge of the human body and  mind. The teaching is based on the classical techniques and practice of yoga, adapted to modern ideas.

In recent years she developed a method in the yoga which enables practitioners to become more aware of their body image and to build a more positive approach towards oneself.

It takes time to feel comfortable in the body.

Every class will start with resting and restorative poses, to make the body and the mind ready for the practice, to create space in the joints and to turn the sight and the attention inwards. We continue with meditation, pranayama (breathings), the
vayus and, after a short break, with the asanas.
The basic skills of yoga, like alignment, correct posture, rooting, intent and breathing will help to make direct contact with yourself. These will be practiced 
in the standing poses, back bends, forward bends, twistings, sitting position, hand
balancings and inversions. We will pay attention to the balance between suppleness and stabilisation (strength) and we will discover the physical and mental centre line.
This is what every yoga student is practicing. Our extra mission is to deal with the consequents of emotions and eating. From the physical practice we will take it into the discussion about the various aspects, that will bring the awareness, the knowledge and the tools, which will enable you to discover how to deal better with your eating, with your emotions and with your life.
We will touch subjects like hunger, satisfaction, addiction and nutrition.

What can you expect?

Our workshops are not a diet group. 
A lot of progress is dependent on your own commitment and your practice.
You will be able to start to understand the process and you will grow awareness to both the body and the mind. To learn to except your body and to feel comfortable in it. And from there to make a change, if you want, feeling hunger and satisfaction and dealing with your emotions.

The workshops will help you not to run away, but to use the tool of  yoga-practice for healing.


The price for each workshop is € 90,-
You can also join all three workshops.
If you register and pay before 1 October 2019,
you will pay only € 250,-

Minimum 6 / max 16 participants

For more information

please contact classical-yoga@ or 0031 (0)6 533 87 554


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