Christmas Mini-retreat in Amsterdam

Tuesday December 27 till Friday December 30 Time: 10:00 - 13:00h. A good preparation for the new year. Yoga and four elements: earth, fire, water and air.

Between Christmas and New Year a mini-retreat for yourself.
Enter the New Year full of energy and well balanced.

Dates: Tuesday December 27 till Friday December 30
Time: 10:00 t/m 13:00h
With: Marta Font & Dick langenberg
At: Samana, Next to Central Station, Centre of Amsterdam.

Banner X-Mas city Retreat 20154 mornings, each day another element

Each day we focus on one element: earth, fire, water and air.

In Yoga each element represents a different aspect of yoga practice. Those who come all four mornings can use all elements at once at the end of the mini-retreat, experiencing physical and mental balance. In four mornings the yoga practice will broaden into a deeper, more intense and lighter flow.

What do you get?

The Christmas Yoga City-retreat is combines daily yoga with time for your friends and family. You don’t have to travel far, it’s just on our own studio.

With this retreat you close the year in a beautiful way: you get rid of old tensions and generate fresh energy for the year to come. You can take the knowledge of these elements home and use for yourself any time the coming year for your own well-being.

The focus on one element each day you start to feel the principles from the inside. It will help your yoga practice to become both stronger and lighter. In four days you build up a practice using all principles together. This will help you feel more energetic and balanced, free and ready for the new year.


Earth is the focus on Tuesday
The teacher will help you focus on grounding this first morning. Using surprising variations on classical asana’s you will experience the grounding better. When you are well grounded you will see that this trusting the earth will make it easier to lift from the ground. Your asana’s become lighter.

Fire is the element we add on Wednesday
Well grounded we can safely add fire to our practice today. We move into an energetic flow of asana’s. The fire, like flames reaching high, will help us elongate and connect al parts of the body. Experience how arms and legs reach past the body and are connected to the world outside.

Water is the focus on Thursday
Now you are well grounded and the energy of the flow is activated, we add the water element. You can concentrate on fluency of movement, cultivating the quietness that water can bring in both mind and body. 

Air is the focus on Friday
Well grounded and quiet in mind and body we will concentrate on breath this last day. We will experience different breaths and the effect they have on your practice. You will notice how mindful breathing helps your poses to be more balanced and easy. Your breath becomes your friend.

Elements of practice each day

We follow the Vijnana yoga Principles.
Each morning we start with sitting, cleansing (Kriya’s), Vayu’s and Pranayama (breathing).
Then we do a series of asana’s.
10.00 – 11.00h sitting, vayu’s, kriya’s and pranayama.
11.00 – 11.15h tea brake
11.15 – 13.00h asana practice and yoga text 

Massage after practice?

Samana offers a bonus: on Dec. 28 & 30 from 14.00h – 16.30 the center is open for a shiatsu massage (30 minutes) by Marta Font for only 20 euro. You can book it in advance at

Healthy juice and the City

After the yoga session you find yourself around the corner from Amsterdam’s culinary street: Haarlemmerstraat. You can buy a detox juice with discount at our neighbour Jay’s Juices and further enjoy the cities shops, peoples and cafes. 

Practical Information

1 workshop: euro 48,- / regular students with lesson card: 44,-
2 workshops euro 45,- (per workshop)  / regular students with lesson card: 42,50
3 or 4 workshops: euro 40,- (per workshop) / regular students with lesson card: 38,-

Please join us:
 Maximum participants: 16
Reserve before December 15:
Please pay in advance to: account number NL 23 INGB 0005 0930 76 
to Samana Yoga Center Amsterdam 
(check our terms & conditions)
Samana wishes you all a wonderful balance between effort and relaxating in 2017!

Samana Team