Sanne Kerkhof

International Registered Vijnana Yoga Teacher

“Bringing yoga practice into our lives we strengthen our health on many levels: physical, mental and spiritual. My expertise is pregnancy yoga after extensive study and and being a mother of 3 myself” More? Clik on the picture.

Dick Langenberg

International Registered Vijnana Yoga Teacher

For Dick Langenberg yoga goes beyond the physical challenge, it is a journey within, a journey accompanied by our breath, mindful of our body and our thoughts. This path is a journey of self-discovery. More? Clik on the picture.

Marta Font

Vijnana Yoga and Shiatsu Teacher

Marta Font combines in her lessons the basics of Vijnana yoga with the principles of shiatsu. In her lessons special attention is given to hands-on work. Through conscious contact the mind becomes quiet and concentrated on the physical sensations of the moment, giver and receiver become one. More? Clik on the picture.

Annika Luschin

Vijnana Yoga Docent

Yoga is a way to come into close contact with my body, thoughts, feelings and sensations. By becoming aware I feel calmer and more grounded. Then there is space for curiosity, playfulness, challenge and even resistance. In my teaching I want to accompany you in discovering your inner world and your joy for moving and looking deeply. I want to provide the necessary yoga technique so you can broaden your skills in a safe and playful way.

Judith de Klerk

Vijnana Yoga Docent

In my yogaclasses I’ll start from the physical possibilities of each individual, rather than carrying out the perfect asana. Starting from everyone’s physical possibilities we will come into a state of confidence and rest. More? Click on the picture.

Franck Laisini

Vijnana Yoga Docent

As a practitioner of Vipassana meditation and Tai Chi, Franck will incorporate elements of these disciplines into his lessons. The concentration of Vipassana meditation and working with energy instead of muscle power in Tai-Chi.

Patrizia Semperboni

Iyengar Teacher

Patricia Semperboni’s emphasis on technique is typical for her classes. The use of the breath during the poses and the use of modifications for people with physical limitations are central.

Mariette Kroon

Lu Jong teacher

Mariette de Kroon met her teacher Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche - an important reincarnated lama, Buddhist master and physician - in his warmness teachings from heart to heart.

Léah Kline

Anusara Yoga Teacher

Yoga has had a strong influence on me in my life. I have been practicing yoga since 1995 and teaching yoga since 2003. I love to teach. I love to demystify the body and give people a feeling of aliveness (back to them). I teach mostly in english, but speak dutch fluently and a little bit of French. oh and I love to sing. It’s my other profession.