Gabrielle Baldinger

Gabrielle Baldinger

Teacher Kids Yoga

Gabrielle Baldinger is a yoga teacher for kids at  Samana Yoga Center Amsterdam.

In my yoga classes I see that Children move their bodies with such pleasure and ease. Yoga makes them feel strong and supple. They have a natural instinct to feel how a to do a posture to be beneficial for them. Children in my yoga class feel connected with each other and the world around them.

Practicing yoga also helps them to turn inward and to become closer to their inner self. From there I see they feel free. That’s the power of yoga, and the beauty of being a yoga teacher for children. The classes make me happy and give me energy.

Gabrielle Baldinger is a energetic teacher with many years of experieced in elementary school. In 2012 she became a yoga teacher for children after a training for kids yoga at Dolfijn Wellness in Amsterdam Zuid.