Body & Voice workshop

DSC_0327-copy-1-blackwhiteCaroline: “When I started doing yoga, I noticed the resemblance with breathing used in yoga and singing. Sometimes the exercises are literally the same. It fascinated me tremendously, and made me enthusiastic to search for more similarities. Although singing and yoga are very different from each other, in both cases you work with the flow of energy, and you need to feel your energy from the inside, Breath brings for both singing and a deep concentration, and it can resonate in your body. In the end, it doesn’t really matter whether you turn this energy flow into sound or into movement.

Voice & Body is about the process inward, to feel, listen and experience from within. We let ourselves be guided by the vibrations of our own sound. This brings us to move in ways that encourage the flow of our energy. Our voice is a very powerful tool to eliminate blockades. It helps us to face our creative expressiveness. The workshop is relaxing, energizing, liberating, exciting, cheerful.


Caroline is a singer. 30 years ago she began her vocal training. She travelled around the world to study with various celebrities from the world of opera. All these years she has been working intensively with breath.


Breathing exercises
Experiencing sounds in postures
Singing in a Shamanistic voice
Become aware of bodily experiences of singing
Meditation and Mantra


Experience is not necessary. This workshop is open to everyone.


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€ 35,-
Regular students (with lesson card) pay € 30,-