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Samana shop: Toe spreaders and books

  • Date01/13/2015

Toe spreaders, a favorite of Eveline and Sanne

Toe spreaders, the favorites of Sanne and Eveline!
Maybe you sow Sanne or Eveline with the toe spreaders on their feet in the yoga center?
The soft blue bocks help your toes to spread and become in natural alignment. The nice soft Joy-a-Toes are great to strengthen your feet and make the muscles active again.
Samana has a stock bought for you. Buy and try them by all means.

Joy-a-Toes toe spreaders are made from a comfortable gel material that can be worn throughout the day and during your yoga practice.
The toe spreaders activate the toe and foot muscles, make the fore foot stronger, helping you to bring back the natural arch there.
It also helps the curculation of the blood. You might even have warm feet this winter!

Now for sale at Samana for 38,50 euro per pair.
2 toe spreaders
a little bag
een small booklet with explanation

Interview with Eveline on how to use the Joy-a-Toes

How did you use them in the beginning?
I used them for one hour each day to get used to them. Ik walked around the house with them. I noticed the inner feet become more alert.

What kind of exercise can you do with them?
Later, when you are used to the feeling you can stretch and flex your feet while wearing the toe spreaders.
You can also start to use your feet as if to grab something, like a monkey. This makes the transversal arch stronger.

What did it bring you?
It makes me more aware of my feet. Especially the transversal arch became stronger. This helps to be able to stand stronger on your feet. In standing postures I am more aware of my inner feet.
Also it helps with Hallux Valgus, the ball of my feet, that are bigger, to stop bulging sideways.

Can you use them while doing yoga?
It not good to wear them during the whole class, but you can start with them on. Meditation is fine with these on and some postures. Just ask the teacher. They can be used with the Restorative Tensegrity series at do at Samana very well.


teenspreiders, te koop bij Samana


Yoga Books

At Samana Yoga Center you can also buy the books of  Orit sen Gupta. She developed  Vijnana Yoga.

The heart of Practice – philosophy and  practical yoga – 20,00
This book is used at the Retreat in Marocco, the Sahara in Oktober/November 2015.

Het kleine Yoga boekje: een heldere uitleg van diverse yoga houdingen – 22,.50
A little book of Yoga – 18.50
Yoga Sutra’s – 22.50
Vayu Gates – interesting book about the  vayu’s – 22.50
Vijnana Beginners practice manual – 18,50
Vijnana Practice Manual – 13,00

The heart of practice, Orit sen Gupta

Vayu's Gate - Orit sen Gupta

Vijnana Yoga Practice Manual - Orit sen Gupta

Het kleine yogaboekje - Orit sen Gupta