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Presentation/ Meeting with Maori healer Moetu Taiha from New Sealand

27/07/2018 at 19:30-22:00

July 27   Maori healer Moetu Taiha from New Sealand will give a presentation at  Samana Yoga Center in Amsterdam.
Moetu Taiha descend from two lines of healers, and tribe elders, who have transferred their knowledge to each other for many generations.
In addition, she is part of „Grandmothers Circle the Earth“ & „Grandmothers of the Sacred We“.
The grand mothers , a group of wise women from different traditions: Hopi, Maya, Maori, Ojibwe and Sufi, meet regularly in workshops and presentations in Germany Netherlands, USA, Egypt, Thailand, New Sealand, Greenland etc to share their wisdom, their stories and their vision with us.
On Friday evening 27-7 she gives a presentation about who she is and what she does. This unique evening will take place at Samana Yoga Center, starts at 19.30 and ends around 10 PM.
On 28 and 29 July she will give private healing sessions. There are only a few places, and most are already filled. If you are really interested, send me an email: Maybe it is possible, and if it is not now, then I can possibly inform you next time. A healing costs 135 euros. 
The healings are FULLY BOOKED


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Presentatie ontmoeting vrijdag 27 juli
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My connection with Moetu:
I met Moetu here in Amsterdam about 3.5 years ago. I was a big mess at the time, dead tired and exhausted. Everything happened in my life and I did not know where to look for it. I had a session with Moetu, between all my hurried and hassle. A year later, big lives bubbled up questions, who am I, and what do I do here. I am a hard worker. Does all my zeal ensure that I can not see the higher purpose of my life?
Somehow I felt the connection with what Moetu had told me a year earlier. I decided to look for her. That was not so easy, she is not the type that invariably walks around with her agenda and telephone. Moreover, she is traveling a lot … But, the supporter wins, I got a date, or rather a week that I was allowed to undergo a personal retreat with her in Northern Germany. This is a good year ago. I went to her on my own, and for a few days I was completely immersed in my own life, everything that appeared to be seen and heard and watched. Every day she gave me a session of about an hour, and the rest of the day I stared at the trees, and I was busy digesting. At the end of the week I was given the assignment to do a ritual, and sat all night under my stars under the stars of a big fire, to examine my life, and everything I wanted to take away from, throw in the fire.
I have never felt so clean, my chakras were clear like crystals.

Since then I have been back to Moetu twice because she asked me to do some of my voice healing work in her seminar. Then she asked me if I was interested in a series of intensive weekends in which people work in a group. I now have 2 to choose. Very spicy, very bright and fantastic. You will be put to work yourself. There is a moment when you can no longer blame the world for everything that is wrong in your own life, but that you take full responsibility for everything in your own life. That’s what this is about. To know yourself, who are you and what is your goal. Deep personal work, in which the others in the group serve as a mirror. Moetu says that she does not train followers, but leaders. She has been continually channeled, and uses her knowledge to get you to work. To encourage you and poke you until you really take steps.



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