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21/07/2023 at 18:00-20:00


Your sacred journey will start by exploring a few restorative yoga poses to ground and
relax the body, eliminate fatigue, calm the mind and activate your parasympathetic
nervous system.
After becoming aware of the physical body, we will go through experiencing the life force
activation by lying down in Savasana (the corpse pose) in complete surrender.
In this phase of the journey, you will be guided to revisit and explore your vital essence
through different stages of relaxation and profound letting go, experimenting with multiple
dimensions of your energy and body.
Sound, different frequencies and beats music will play and the facilitator’s mudras will
accompany you on this profound journey of self- discovery, in togetherness with all the
humans on the same mysterious path of evolution as you.
With the least effort, in complete relaxation and release, your vital force will be activated
in its full current potential by your trust and surrender and by the facilitator.
We will explore wholeness, and you will have the opportunity to meet yourself in your true
pure essence.
You are invited to join this safe and protected space allowing sparkles, playfulness and
emotions! Allowing intuitive inner and outer movements of your body and energy to
This doesn’t require any previous experience with other spiritual healing practices (yoga,
breath-work etc.), it will not be something you will learn or make; it will be something you
will remember!
The activation of the life force is a vital energy transmission, it’s a process that creates the
conditions to heal and peel off fear based conditioning, limiting beliefs and old patterns,
inviting you to fully embody the light, the joy of living and your deepest authenticity.
You are welcome to join this safe and inclusive space, allowing all your unique
expressions, emotions and version of yourself!
Come as you are and embody your magic!
Are you curious?
Are you feeling a simple intuitive “Yes”?
Are you ready to meet your life force energy?
Are you fascinated by your spiritual journey?
If so, join us and experience your blissful authentic being!



At a young age Samantha studied Disciplines of Art, Theatre and Cinema and after
leaving her hometown, she started travelling all over the world, working as a
Learning&Development coach and trainer for more than 15 years for international
corporates; transmitting knowledge and unconsciously facilitating vibrant and playful
energy has always belonged to her soul and DNA.
In 2016, all the foundations of her life, her history, her identity fell away. The beautiful
dance of life and death began to spin on its waterfront allowing a new rebirth, allowing her
to walk the path of surrender and awakening. On this path she explored different healing
practices like shamanism, transpersonal psychology, autogenic training, hypnosis,
constellations,.. until she met the constant practice of asanas, pranayama, chanting,
meditation and became a yoga teacher, deepening in the Iyengar method.
Walking the path of yoga offered to Samantha the opportunity to unite and align together
the whole and holy trinity( body, mind and energy) guiding her intuition back into
wholeness, into her intuitive mudras and vital essence where Lifeforce Energy schools like
Inner Dance (Lifeforce movement founder) and LEAP (Lifeforce Energy Awakening
Process) found her, becoming officially a kundalini/ lifeforce energy facilitator.
With her wide heart, Samantha is inviting you to be curious and open like a child, she
invites you to remember who you truly are, allowing yourself to be amazed by your
beautiful life force by simply dancing into surrender.


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