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Vitaliteit & energiek met Ayurveda: rejuvenation

24/06/2018 at 13:00-16:30



Are you interested in the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda? Then this is the perfect opportunity to deepen your understanding.

I offer a 4 module program. Consisting of 4 unique workshops, each going into a specific subject. You don’t need to have any Ayurvedic knowledge to participate in the workshops.

Each module takes about 3 to 3,5 hours, consisting of theory and practice. Read more about each module below.

*The modules can also be followed seperately

Date: Sunday June 24
Time: 13.00 – 16:30
With: Amber Jägers
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Ayurveda & Rejuvenation: nurture your vitality
Following the Ayurvedic detox workshop comes this vitalising workshop. In this workshop we focus on vitality and building a strong immune system. It is not advisable to revitalize the body when there are still toxins in the body. That’s why first detox and then rejuvenation.
A strong immune system not only ensures that you have less probability to get sick, but also keeps you young (radiant skin, clear eyes), energetic, clear-headed and enthusiast for life. That way you can grow old in a young way.
‘Ojas’ is the essential substance to keep the body, mind and soul young, clear and strong. In this workshop you will learn the do’s and don’ts to strengthen ‘Ojas’ through nutrition, certain herbs, self-massage (called Abhyanga) and ‘nurturing’ yoga exercises.


  • The workshop consists of theory and practice. The theory part will last about 1.5 hours to 2 hours. Then there is a 30 min break and then we start with practical exercises.


  • I start with an introduction about myself and will then give a general explanation about Ayurveda: the origin, development and the basic principles of this ancient ‘Science of Life’. This introduction is part of every workshop.
  • Then we look at the usefulness and necessity of ‘rejuvenation’ after a ‘detox’: why is rejuvenation necessary and what is the effect?
  • I give insight into the central aspect of vitality within Ayurveda, ‘ojas’, the two kinds and why it is such a precious substance.
  • You learn how ‘ojas’ is produced in the system and that all tissues in the body are involved.
  • The do’s & don’ts: which foods and activities contribute to the production of ‘ojas’ and which do not? We discuss a wide range: nutrition, massage, relaxation, sex, pleasure in life and work.
  • We look at a number of unique, vitalising foods and recipes, which you also take home. That way you can get started with your own ‘rejuvenation’ plan at home!
    PAUSE: 30 min with a suitable ‘rejuvenation snack’


  • In support to the do’s & don’ts for effective rejuvenation, there are a number of very effective yoga postures (asanas) and pranayama (breathing exercises) that ensure that the immune system is strengthened and the tissues are nourished.
  • I guide you through a rejuvenating practice, which includes heart-openers, fluid, organic movements, soothing asanas and breathing exercises.
  • You finish with a wonderful savasana and go home with a calm mind and your rejuvenation plan.

WHAT do you take out of the ayurvedic rejuvenation workshop?

  1. Ayurvedic knowledge
    Ayurveda is becoming increasingly popular in the West and even modern medicine is increasingly looking for remedies and solutions in Ayurveda. Yet there is often little understanding of this science. This is your chance to dive deeper into this ‘Science of Life’ and to learn the basics.
    Every workshop we dive deeper into the theory and highlight a different theme. If you follow the 4 workshops as training, you will have a good understanding of the most important principles within Ayurveda at the end of the ride.
  2. Gives self-insight
    From Ayurvedic perspective, everybody is unique. By applying the information to yourself you gain insight into the status of your vitality and to what extent your diet, your patterns, your self-care and activities contribute to this.
  3. Is empowering
    With the gained self-knowledge and practical tips you can get started. You only need to get the right food and perhaps take your habits under the barrel, but then nothing stops you from greatly improving your own vitality. No expensive doctors visit and no chemical pills.
  4. Get started at home
    In addition to all the tips & tricks, you will go home with a ready-made rejuvenation plan. So, you do not have to figure out anything yourself and you can start immediately.

Practical information

This workshop is for everyone, prior knowledge of Ayurveda is not necessary.
Regular price: € 45.00. *
Price of members with valid lesson card: € 40.00 *
(max number of participants: 12)

(check our general conditions about registration, payment and cancellation)


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* Combination advantage with other Ayurvedic workshop (s):
For those who want to get a broader understanding of all the basic principles of Ayurveda: the doshas, Vata – Pitta – Kapha – the gunas, ama and agni it is advisable to follow all 4 workshops as training. If you choose this you get a discount of 15%. If you choose to follow two of the four workshops you will receive a 10% discount on the total.

– Ayurveda & Detox: eliminate toxins from your system
– Ayurveda & Daily routine: Dinacharya – reconnect to the rhythms of nature
– Ayurveda & Stress release: calm your nervous system
– Ayurveda & Rejuvenation: nurture your vitality

Two workshops: 10% discount on the total of both (€ 80 regular price and € 72, – member price)
Four workshops: 15% discount on total (€ 153, – regular price and € 136, – member prize)

Individual Ayurvedic consult
If you are interested in an individual Ayurvedic consultation after taking part in the workshop, then you can make an appointment with Amber. Participants receive a discount and pay only € 35, – instead of € 50, -. This consultation takes place in your or Amber her home and takes 45-60 minutes. During the consultation, Amber will evaluate your disbalance by discussing complaints and performing a tongue and wrist diagnosis. We also look at your daily diet. On the basis of the consultation you will receive nutritional advice that helps to correct the disbalance. In the case of chronic or severe complaints Amber can refer you to an Ayurvedic practitioner or doctor.


About the teacher :

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Amber Jägers is certified Yoga teacher and teaches at several yoga studios in Amsterdam Hatha and Slow Flow classes. For over nine years she practices Yoga (Iyengar, Hatha), since 2015 she has also been teaching. Her teaching career started in Costa Rica, where is founded ‘Alma Yoga’ ( a small Yoga school on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. There she teached daily to locals and tourists alike. After her return to Holland she specialized further in alignment and Yoga therapy.

Having lived in the bounty of the Cosa Rican jungle she combines her love for nature and Yoga by organizing Yoga retreats.

Besides this Amber studied to become a certified Ayurvedic therapist at Na’an Ayurveda Hengelo. She already completed courses on Ayurvedic Nutrition and Ayur-Yoga. With Ayur-Yoga Yoga becomes a tool to balance the doshas (bio-energoes) in the system.

With these four unique workshops she combines her passion for Yoga and Ayurveda. It is her aim to foster self knowledge and to empower you to balance your body, mind and energies as a basis for your (spiritual) development.

Her motto is:

“No one is you, and that is your power”



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