Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training


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Start: saturday January 23  2015

With: Sanne Kerkhof

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

Teach and guide woman in this special fase of their lifes.


Teaching yoga to pregnant women is a specialism. You guide women in this special fase of their lifes. As a teacher, you can give the women a lot of power and confidence, hence you should know well to transform the asana’s in order to be nice and practicable for every woman. Samana offers the unique modules for yoga teachers that want to give pregnancy yoga, or that want to learn how to coach pregnant woman correctly in their classes.

For who?

The training is for yoga teachers that finished a yoga teacher training already. For this specialized training, a solid yoga base is necessary. The training is for yogi’s that are interested in pregnant woman and that would like to be able to offer women a support (f.e. through general advices), coaching and know-how in the pregnancy process.

 Wat will you learn?

In this 9 month-training, various themes will be discusses:

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Squeeze techniques
  • Vijnana yoga
  • Anatomy and practical information about pregnancy
  • Obstetrics
  • Pelvic complaints
  • Pain management

Besides, you will learn didactic skills that help you gain more confidence, so you will grow to a good and inspiring pregnancy teacher. In short, a professional, inspiring and complete training, don’t miss it!

What’s in it for you?

After the training, you will receive a certificate ‘pregnancy yoga teacher’. You have sufficient knowledge about anatomy and fysiology, you are familiar with position correction, and you can deal well with complaints. You are capable of accompany the woman in their pregnancy and to prepare them well for their delivery.


Sanne Kerkhof

Sanne Kerkhof

Sanne Kerkhof has years of experience as a pregnancy yoga teacher. ‘During my yoga training I was pregnant with my third daughter and I finished the training of pregnancy yoga as part of my education. This experience became my lesson and my insight, and I kept on learning in order to make pregnancy yoga my speciality. Since 2005 I assist pregnant woman in their physical and mental process and I hope to contribute to an calm and nice process of pregnancy and delivery. Yoga is also very helpful for a good recovery after birth. This is why I also give portnatal yoga and babymassage at Samana.

The training consists of

  • 6 lessons of 4 uur
  • 9 assignments
  • reading list
  • 1 private lesson with Sanne (you can book more private lessons)
  • 1 lesson to give, as part of the examination. With assistance of Sanne
  • 1 test in de midst of the training
  • 1 test at the end of the training
  • 1 handbook, that will be complemented at the end of each session


23 & 24 Jan. – 26 & 27 March  – 4 & 5 juni 2016


And then?

Sanne Kerkhof gives this training once a year, and also provides you with a workshop with a guest teacher and/or a obstetrician.

Practical issues

Where: Samana Yoga Center, Droogbak 11, Amsterdam
Participants: min. 8 – max. 12
Entry requirement: yoga teacher certificate
Price: 750,- per Module (incl subscribe costs, study materials, excl manuals) Paying in periods is possible
Study time: 4 hours per week (incl lessons), during 6 months