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Master class Back Bend Challenge

26/06/2015 at 18:30-21:00

Master class Back Bends

Let the energy flow and conquer your fears!

Date: Friday June 26
Time: 18.30h – 21.00h
With: Eveline Torres

We don’t do many beck bends in daily life, that’s why they can be surprising and refreshing to do. Get comfortable with these unfamiliar poses in this master class. This master class is for everybody.  Together we see what is the right challenge for you this day.


What to expect

We build up the class so you’re well prepared to do the back bends:

  • Cleaning with vayu’s and udyana banda (breathing and opening up meridians)
  • Sharpen focus and mind by mediation
  • Pranayama practices (breathing) to be more grounded and to activate our fire.
  • Warming up asana’s to better understand all aspects of back bending
  • A flow of back bend poses

By slowly building up the activities you get the change to fully research and understand all aspects of back bending poses. It all builds up to variations from the Bridge, also called in sanskrit, urdhva dhanurasana.


What it brings to you

Back bends are great for opening up your longs and heart. Blockages disappear and energy will flow again more freely. Although the asana’s are intense you will go home full of energy.

Back Bend poses can elicit fear. In this master class you will feel more comfortable with these poses and maybe you even want to do them at home, bridging all your fears whenever you want.


Expertise teacher

Eveline Torres is a very experienced teacher. She can lead you from simple poses into more challenging poses in a clever series of steps. This way you can master asana’s you always wanted to understand. She can help you personally so that you feel safe to experiment and meet the challenge.
Eveline Torres offers the master class for all who like to develop a solid yoga practice 5 times a year. Check our agenda.


Practical information

Each person will be able to practice on her/his own level.
Let us know if you come:
Costs: € 30,00.
Regular students at Samana: € 25,00.
ATM at the studio.

Tip: if you like an extra long class try our weekly 2.5 hour class, new at Samana: every Friday morning. Check our schedule.




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